Dynamic changes and clinical value of Sirt6 in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients

Sirt6 Dynamics in ACS: Clinical Significance


  • Gang Tian
  • Chunxiao Zhang First Department of Cardiology, ShengLi Oil Field Central Hospital


Acute coronary syndrome, Sirt6, inflammatory cytokines


This study aimed to investigate the role of Sirt6 and inflammatory cytokines in blood samples of patients with ACS. This is a retrospective randomized controlled clinical trial, a total of 30 patients from our hospital are included and divided into following two groups: control group and experimental group, and experimental group consists of 15 patients with ACS and control group consists of 15 patients with non-acute coronary syndrome. Sirt6 protein is detected by western blotting and Sirt6 mRNA is detected by real-time PCR, then inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1β, IL-18, TnI, and CK-MB are measured by ELISA and cytokines NT-proBNP are monitored by immunofluorescence. Our outcomes show that Sirt6 protein and Sirt6 mRNA in experimental group are remarkably lower than those in control group, and IL-1β, IL-18, TnI, CK-MB, and NT-proBNP in the experimental group are remarkably higher than those in control group. We can conclude that Sirt6 can prevent or inhibit the development of ACS and IL-1β, IL-18, TnI, CK-MB, and NT-proBNP can accelerate the development of ACS.





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